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Packing Light for Winter Travel

Packing Light for Winter Travel Written by: Lauren Reyes, Tour Director for Premier Tours Global I love to travel. If I could travel every day of the year I would. I love learning about new cultures and customs, but you know what I hate to do….pack. Packing in general is not a fun pastime for me,…

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8 Best Places to Travel in 2018

places to travel - 2018 - Cape Verde islands - Malta - Crete - Rwanda - Puebla

It’s not to late to start planning your 2018 “must travel to” destinations; and Premier Tours Global can help! Check out our list below then contact us and tell us how we can help create your dream tour. With PremierTG you can travel wherever your heart tells you and your brain convinces you to. We…

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Perfect Travel Pics Every Time!

Step 1 Clean glass = happy glass Most of us keep our phones in our pockets, bags, or our hands, and as a result the camera lens will get dirty. Your photo will be blurry, smudged, or have dust spots if you fail to clean the lens before you take the picture. A shot with…

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